Thursday, 11 February 2016

Continuing with FL's FIT1 Plan

Ok so sorry I didn't keep blogging throughout my C9 Detox. BUT I'm happy to report that I loved doing it and that I lost 4lbs and 11inches in those 9 days!!

A week later I started the F.I.T.1 plan which is an optional continuation from the C9 plan which still involves the delicious shakes and drinking the aloe vera gel but your daily calorie intake is 1200-1400 for women...I think 1600-1800 for men, but don't quote me on that. And you have a proper lunch and dinner or breakfast and dinner...however you want to use your calories over two meals and one meal is the shake and gel.

Since starting the FIT1 plan, I've lost a further 4 lbs!!! In just 6 days!!! I've not once been hungry, in fact I normally forget to don't have the afternoon 'snack' (protein bar or shake) because I'm not hungry and don't want to fill up too soon before dinner. I was aiming for 1300cals a day but have now changed my app to 1200cals as I'm not active due to my very painful arthritic knee so I want to keep my calorie intake as low as I can.

LOVE this program. SO glad I'm doing it!!

Monday, 25 January 2016

C9 Detox Day 3

Whew! I've survived what are said to be the two HARDEST days of this plan (Days 1 & 2) because as of TODAY I can have dinner again...albeit a maximum of 600cals. Day 3 is also your first weigh in and measurements after starting (obviously you do this on Day 1 for your 'starting point')...How did I get on?? the first two days of the C9 plan, I lost 4lbs and 3 inches!! WOW!! I'm not supposed to weigh in and measure again until day 6 and then day 9 for my total loss. I'm very hopeful and positive. WOW...4lbs in just two days?!?! Yes with this being a detox that would've been mostly toxins and rubbish in my system but that's still a GREAT Thing and I expect that to be my biggest loss but I won't know until my next two weigh ins.

From today onwards I have a bit more intake because I now have two shakes instead of one at lunch (as on days 1 & 2) and my aloe vera gel intake has lessoned to just one 120ml instead of the four lots of 120mls on days 1 & 2. So what ARE these shakes?? Well, I won't go into what all is in the mix but how I make mine is with natural, unsweetened almond milk (nasty on it's own IMO), few ice cubes and some fruit. This morning I added the rest of the blueberries I had and used my NutriBullet to blend it all together. Lunches shake will have peaches in it :)

So what's for dinner? Well a couple of days before ordering my C9 kit, I signed us up with HelloFresh So sometime today, Yodel (I know...) will be delivering a box with three recipes and all the ingredients we need to make them so there's no waste. So tonight we'll be trying JAMIE’S GRILLED PORK CHOPS WITH BROCCOLI, ZINGY BULGUR & SPICY BEANS which is 157cals more than what I'm allowed so I'll need to tweek my plate a tad. Then we have a Homemade Vegetable Packed Smokey Chorizo Baking Tray Pizza that is 475cals each so I may add something to mine or have something earlier in the day to top up my calorie intake and finally we have Chicken, Leek and Tarragon Stew with Mashed Potatoes which is 572cals each so I'll leave that one as is. 

I'm just really stoked about this plan. I feel very confident and hopeful that I'll get the results I want and that I'll feel better for it. Yes my intake is a LOT less than 'normal' and that's a good thing. Am I worried I'll be hungry? Nah. I've not been yet. But if I do, I have a list of fruit & veg I can snack on. Yeah...really liking this plan :) 

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Forever Living's C9 Detox Plan

So I've decided to give this a go as I feel like shit, have gained a bit back on since leaving WW (they changed their plan AGAIN!! It was GREAT how it's been the last 2yrs why do they keep changing it?!) and I've got two holidays coming up that I want to look as good as I can for.


Today I'm on Day 2 and so far so good :) On days 1 & 2 you can only eat a selection of fruit and vegetables that are on a list due to them being low on the Glycemic Index. Aside from that your intake consists of Garcinia Plus tablets, 'Therm' tablets, aloe vera gel to be drank and one meal replacement shake at lunchtime.

Have I felt hungry? Enh yes & no. I've got some of the allowed fruits on hand to help me curb any cravings or hunger pangs. Was the shake nice? Yes actually. I used unsweetened almond milk in mine and yesterday added blueberries and today had a peach blended in. Quite nice. Better than other meal replacement shakes I've had to be honest.

You're advised to do 30mins light exercise each day and so yesterday I did a 30min walk around my neighbourhood as it was LOVELY weather and was quite enjoyable but oh did my knee feel it afterwards. So today I did the Yoga Fix from my 21 Day Fix DVDs.

I'm feeling good though. You're only supposed to weigh in and measure yourself on days one, three, six and nine. So I can't wait to see how I've done tomorrow morning and then tomorrow night it's on with my 600cals or less dinners :) I've signed us up with HelloFresh so the first 3 nights are covered :)

Wish me Luck!

Thursday, 19 November 2015

OMG I now LOVE MakeUp!! #GoFigure

Never in my LIFE have I been a 'girlie girl' or cared much for makeup UNTIL I found Younique. My friend Nicola, who I only knew through a Facebook Ghostbusters Fan Group, is a Presenter and I kept seeing all her lovely posts about the products and make-over photos, etc. and one day I was like right...I want to try this stuff! So I ordered the Divine Moisturiser, Glorious Face & Eye Primer and Mineral Touch Pressed Powder Foundation. WOW!! Felt like I had nothing on at all!! The Primer made my skin so silky smooth and soft, just fell in love!

A couple months go by and I still love seeing her product photos, How-To's, before and afters, etc. and so I PM'd her saying "right, let's talk about this Younique business opportunity" within an hour I was signed up and on my way!

One of the Best decisions I've ever made!! I've got a growing team, growing customer base, free makeup for myself and I get paid within 3hrs of a sale!!

OMG Check out the difference in my natural lashes and with the 3D+ Fibre Lahes on!!

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Wow!! Has it really been THIS long??

Holy shit...can't believe it's been nine months since I last posted here! So many things have happened since my last post back in December. Let's start with the bad...

Thankfully not many bad things have happened so far this year but we did lose my stepmom, Sherry, to cancer this past June after 9yrs of battling/living with it. She was really good at hiding her pain and worries and was always turning the focus on you, the other person. "Oh I'm just fine, how are you?" She never wanted any of us to worry about her so she wouldn't talk about it much. I had her in my life from before my Mom passed away (also from a form of cancer). She was with me through my pre-teens, teens and adulthood and was indeed my second Mother. Although I miss her dearly, I'm glad she's no longer in pain and made the most of the time she had here with us.

That was obviously the worst that has happened in my little word this year. Hopefully I won't lose any other loved ones for a long time

My Dad is still in the nursing home where, sadly, he'll spend the rest of his days unless a miracle happens and he becomes able enough to go into an assisted living home. He'll never be able to go home, he needs too much physical assistance to do just daily things that we all take for granted. Really breaks my heart to see my Dad like this and I hate being so far away from him...actually, I'm going to call him right now...hang on, I'll be back....................................................................................
Can never keep him on the phone for long :( he's in the middle of dialysis today so he's really tired and out of it, so...

Let's move on to happier things, shall we?

In December I partnered with a Telecom Plus company to show people how they can save money on their household bills and shopping. I love this because I love helping people and by doing this, I'm helping them spend a bit less each month on necessities. Through this business I've met some lovely people, made new friends and am building my confidence.

Starting in January the convention season began again and my first stop was DigiCon in Doncaster which was an awesome weekend with GREAT friends. We have a great time at the events themselves but the REAL fun starts in the hotel bar afterwards LOL

From there we've had EmCon in Nottingham which was over Mother's Day weekend here in the UK. Mark was away and so I took Gage with me and treated us to a posh hotel room and had a lovely weekend together with our GB friends. In May there was CollectorMania in Milton Keynes, Showmasters London Film & Comic Con in July where I once again got to chat with Robert Englund and had a photo taken with him AS Freddy!! In August we had Optimus in Torquay where the fabulous Robin Shelby joined us along with Ernie Hudson, Billy Bryan and Mark Brian Wilson...all from Ghostbusters and MORE! Earlier this month we went to Sheffield for UltraCon which was fun and our good 'gal pal' Pam Rose was there joining in on the fun.

Robin Shelby (Slimer in GB2), Ernie Hudson, Myself & Dr Jess Foster
Back in July I rejoined Weight Watchers...yes, again. I'm doing SO good with it this time. For the 11 weeks I've been following the plan, I've only gained twice and both times were after a convention weekend and I lost that plus some the following week. In just 11 weeks I've lost 17.5lbs!! My jeans are getting baggy and my face/neck is slimming down.

So to add on to my feeling good about my weight loss, this week I partnered up with yet another network marketing company called Younique. I've been using their products for a few months and LOVE them!! It's all SO light wearing, I forget that I've even got makeup on! No Lie!! So now I can get all dolled up and use it to promote my Younique business. I get to 'play dress up' and show people how to use these awesome products all over Social Media. Ok sure, now my eyebrows, eyeliner and lips are tattooed with semi-permenant makeup but I still use moisturiser, primer, foundation, eyeshadow, etc. My Presenter's Kit is on it's way and OMG I can't WAIT to try out these 3D Fiber Lashes!! One thing I love about being with Younique is, unlike all my other ventures, my friends and family WORLD WIDE can order from my website! Awesome sauce!!

Youniquely Tara Renee

Anyway, that's about it for me for the past 9mos. I WILL be using this blog more often now for my Younique business and just general things...promise LOL

If you'd like to know more about either of my businesses, please MSG me.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Hurry Up 2015

I've never been big on New Year's festivities and such. Always found them depressing, another year gone, wasted, nothing accomplished, etc. Pretty much the same this year but to be honest I can't wait to see the back end of it. 2014 has been a really shit year for me. Ok fine in the first three months I lost 5% of my weight only to put it back on; my own fault, I know. I was told I've got arthritis in both my knees, again my fault for being overweight and not overly active.

I, ok in everyone, lost two wonderful people in Harold Ramis and Robin Williams. Both losses deeply affected me, ok Robin more so than Harold but that's not the point. Still heartbroken over Robin, still very raw. And, sorry but when Robin passed, that was one of the worst days of my life. I think the only time I've been that 'numb' for so long was when my Mom passed away. I took my son to see Night At The Museum 3 today, yes I wanted to see it as well as I've enjoyed the first two, and when it got to a certain point and Robin said something about their plight (as Teddy Roosevelt of course) I just lost it :( Plus I've never wanted to jump out of my seat and totally go off on a character on the screen so much in my life! Not at Robin of course, but the baddy in the film who was causing (Robin) pain. You'll understand when/if you see the film.

My parents are both not well. I've seen my Dad go from having some physical problems but he's ok to most likely having to spend the rest of his life at a nursing home thanks to his stubbornness and genetics. My stepmom sadly is still battling cancer ontop of dealing with my Dad's needs and stresses his situation is causing. So of course I worry about them and hate that I'm so far away.

I've had a couple of friendships/relationships strained, if not lost, dynamics changed, etc. Sometimes I have to be a bitch in order to get things done and people take it personally, sometimes I take things too far because I'm a passionate person and sometimes I have to step away in order to protect myself from a bad situation or chose someone over another. Again, something that breaks my heart because I love my friends like family.

To say this year has been full of heartache would be the God's honest truth. It wasn't ALL bad though. I found my two little fursons, Aubie and O'Malley. Gage got into the school we wanted him in. I've made some new friends. I've helped raise money for charities. I've added yet another tattoo to my collection. I've enjoyed some awesome weekends away with my Ghostbuster family. My hair has had some awesome colours put on it; pink, purple, blue, etc.

As much as I can't wait to see the end of 2014, I worry what 2015 will have in store. Somethings you just don't see improving, just getting worse until it's over. I read somewhere that you could die of a 'broken heart' and from the way this year went...between my family genetics and how much heartache I've suffered from this year, I honestly don't think my heart could take much more. I need a lot of positivity in my life next year so the damage from this year can heal.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

One, Two, Three...Freddy's Coming For Me

I know, I know...that's not how it really goes but it works better for this post that way so bite me :P

Ok so if you know me you should know that one of my teen horror heroes was Freddy Krugar...and if you don't know me, that's just how weird I am. So I never in a million years thought I'd ever get to meet Robert Englund but since moving to the UK, I've managed to meet him several times over the years at ShowMasters SciFi Conventions. I've gotten his autograph, photos with him, even a Selfie and had nice chats with him as has my son. Gage calls him Uncle Robert and he's sat there telling Gage all about growing up in Hollywood and him being at school as a kid. That just means so much to me, for this celebrity to talk to me and my son like a normal person and to be able to SHARE this with my son, even if he doesn't really care lol.

CollectorMania October 2002
This was the first time I met Robert, I went to CollectorMania in Milton Keynes alone and had a staff member take my photo. We chatted and he told me that Tara was one of his favorite names and about how he would go to the GWTW Tara set to practice and prepare himself for upcoming auditions. True or not, that just made my day. As I walked around the shopping mall, I could hear him over the speakers doing Freddy's voice announcing this and that and laughing. I was in heaven I tell ya. And look at that price! £7.50 for a signed the lowest is usually £15.

So after this I was like WOW that was amazing! So glad I had this chance because I'm sure I'll never see him again. Well, we then go to the May CollectorMania and he's there again, but this time I'm about 6mos pregnant. As soon as I found out we were having a boy, all I could hear in my head was...

This time Robert also had his glove with him which made for GREAT photos. 

The following October Robert got to meet baby Gage and he signed this photo to him saying "To Gage, I told you everything would be alright. Love Uncle Freddy (aka Robert)". I don't know why that or the photo of the three of us isn't in the correct folder but I'll keep looking for them.

The next time we saw Robert was in May 2011 where I had him sign my lovely Freddy glove which is metal, heavy and too big for my small hands. This was the first time since he was a few months old that Gage had met Robert and he was told lots of stories of Robert growing up in Hollywood and his school adventures.

CMMK May 2011 - You can see the photo from when I was pregnant that he'd signed back in '04

Telling Gage something very cool by the look of my face...I think it was about Robert working with Miko Hughes who Gage was sort of named after (Pet Semetary's Gage Creed)

^^THIS^^ This photo means so much to me. It's an odd thing to want to share with your child but Freddy meant a lot to me as a teen. I had a lot of stress as a teen, more than normal due to my mom being diagnosed with cancer when I was 11, so I clung to things to help me cope. Freddy was one of those things. In my nightmares, he was the one who saved me from others like Michael Meyers and Jason Vorhees or whatever else was trying to 'get me' in my sleep. When I couldn't get to sleep I would put on Nightmare 3: Dream Warriors (a fave) and I would just drift off. When it was finished I always seemed to wake up just as the credits were starting and I'd rewind...yes REWIND, this was before DVDs kids...and start it over and fall right back to sleep. I had a plastic Freddy glove that I would sometimes sleep with under my pillow when I felt scared or worried.

In October 2012, I finally got to 'bust Freddy' as I was in all of my Ghostbuster gear. That was awesome. That day Robert also did a 'talk', I could listen to him all day I tell ya. He can't just answer your question, he answers it and then carries on with stories and anticdotes that relate to it. He is a real chatter box let me tell ya, hehe.

And finally...the Selfie that we took at CMMK 2013 which was hilarious. He was added last minute due to filming nearby so I was thrilled to see him again.

So WHY this post talking about all the times I met Robert Englund you ask. Because last night it was announced that at Showmasters London Film & Comic Con next July Robert will be doing a 'one of a kind' photo op...a photo session with him in full Freddy gear and makeup which will be applied by FX legend Robert Kurtzman, who worked on both Dream Child and New Nightmare. You have to get a Diamond Pass ticket for this which is NOT cheap but also includes:

1 x Robert Englund Autograph
1 x Seat in an exclusive talk with Robert Englund and Robert Kurtzman
1 x Limited Exclusive LFCC Freddy Krueger Print
1 x Freddy Krueger T-Shirt Exclusive to LFCC

So for me this is like THE ultimate Robert meet! I'm so gonna have a mega fangirl moment LOL I'll wear my glove and hopefully find a Freddy sweater that fits as well...course, as always, I plan on being slimmer by she says for the umptenth time. 

I can not wait for this! I'm gonna be so nervous and shaking I just know it LOL Sometimes when I meet Robert, I'm all cool and we chat and hang out for a few minutes and sometimes I'm all nervous and am like "do you know who you are?!" I think this day will lean more towards the latter LOL.

A lot of LFCC regulars and newbies are complaining that this was to be a 'big guest announcement' and whereas Robert is some what of a regular guest but what he's doing for the fans is awesome! I've heard he's done this a couple of times before in other countries but it's obviously not a common occurrence.  Another complaint is of the cost especially as it does NOT include entry to the Convention...£135! Yes, it is expensive but again...its FREDDY! Actually Freddy! Plus the other goodies...which I'm not overly bothered about, I'm in it for the photo op! Just another example of you can't please everyone all of the time, especially when conventions ARE a business and at the end of the day AIM to make money. But it's like with all other things, not interested...don't buy it. Too much for you...don't buy it. But don't go on ragging on those who are excited about it and are willing, and able, to pay the high cost. This is my birthday present for next year, so...